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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We're Starting!

So! we started up yesterday... well we started doing all the cleaning and getting prepared for our precious little plants to be delivered! There's lots to be done before they get to the house. There's sweeping, and setting up benches. We need to put together 4' pots and get all the dirt inside to thaw, and new plastic is being put up on the greenhouses, It's all going to be happening sooner than we think. I hope to hear some feed back soon!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Spring is Comming!!

Hello again!

As all of you may see the weather sure is warming up out there. Spring is on its way! and with spring on its way, that means my family and I will be starting in the greenhouses! We actually begin to start growing our little plants next week. So i am going to use my blog as an opportunity for anyone to write comments, suggestions, and even let me know about things that they may want to see new this year, so please feel free to share!

Oh and by the way! i will be posting pictures so everyone can follow how our little plants are growing! and in case anyone is interested in ordering custom baskets or planters, let me know as well!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How we started!

Hi, My name is Emma Ferragine, i decided to do this blog, for me but to also get the word around to help my family's business. My parents Dominic and Helen own a Garden Center in Mansfield Ont. We have quite the variety of flowers, soils, seeds, and everything else you need to get started or add to your beautiful gardens. My mom and dad started the business in 1989 in our driveway out of our garage and on a little wagon selling fruits, vegetables, and a few perennials. In 1992 we moved up a little bit, not too much though. My mom moved our "product" over to the space we had beside our home, and together they built a small shack type structure that my mom continued to sell out of. My dad worked on his fathers farm for the first few years of the business starting off, my mom took care of the business while looking after myself and my two younger sisters. It was hard, but before they knew it they built into something wonderful. In 1996 they built their first greenhouse, which turned into one more, then one more.. and now we have 26,000 sq. ft. of growing space. We sell everything from perennials, annuals, trees and beautiful soils. We even have varieties of garden ornaments, and flag stone. Dominic also does landscaping, and we even deliver! Must i say more?